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Posts Tagged ‘worst foods’

Whats The Fuss About Superfoods?

Why do we need Superfoods when Cake tastes Better?

Breakfast Eggs and Bacon - Unhealthy Foods reign the worldIn the past 50 years the environment has changed around your house; I'm sure you must have noticed. The population of the planet has doubled and the environmental issues have multiplied! More food needs to be produced faster. In 25 years from now, the world population will have doubled again and even more food will have to produced in an even shorter time. Now that alone will be a problem, but for YOU it means that the quality of the food you will be able to buy in the supermarket everyday, will get worst by the month rather than by the year. And there is where Superfoods come in. Superfoods  are foods like berries and other fruits, vegetables, nuts and so on, which contain a extraordinary high amount of nutrients, minerals and antioxidants. By reading through this blog you will find lots of infos about superfoods; which are the best super foods and what they all provide to your health. So if you want to take care for your family and you want to be healthy for a long time you need to consider what you're eating.  Eating fatty hamburgers, will  not do the job. One single meal consisting of one burger, one coke and French fries in of the most famous food chains we all know (or better; Fat Chains) , contains  more calories than the average people need in a day; in one day! Now what about donuts for breakfast then? Or bacon and eggs maybe? If that sounds like your lunch and your breakfast, you should watch this video and learn about what you shouldn't eat. In this video, Zoe talks about the ten worst things you can eat or even feed your family with, you're up for some surprises?

Health Food Game – What Are The Ten Worst Foods You Can Eat?

If you want to have some fun with your friends and family, give everybody a pen and a paper and write down what YOU and the people around you, think, that is the Top Ten Worst Foods, and THEN WATCH THE VIDEO!

After watching this video, every responsibly mother's life should change! I can just not imagine anyone watching this video without a rather significant impact to the daily menu. Today's daily meals need to content enough dietary fibers, enough minerals and vitamins and plenty of good protein to keep the engine running all day. If you feel tired in the afternoon and you need a nap; you already know that there is something dead wrong with your nutrition. If you want to be happy and relaxed and not moody or grumpy, what will bring you many plus points all around from friends and family as well as from coworkers, then these ten foods in this video should be as far away from your house as possible!