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The Top Three Antioxidants

Superfood Number 1 Cocoa PodsOur body needs antioxidants because antioxidants protect our cells against the effects of free radicals. The free radicals are molecules that are produced when our body breaks down food or through environmental exposures like smog, tobacco smoke and radiation. By damaging our cells, free radicals play a major role for our aging process, in heart diseases, cancer and many other diseases. Antioxidants are found in many foods, but mainly in vegetables, berries, fruits, nuts, grains but also in some meat, poultry and fresh fish. Some specific foods that top the the list of antioxidant carriers that contain a lot more antioxidants than the average fruit or vegetable. These are the Top Three Antioxidant Superfoods.

The list of our top three Antioxidant Superfoods goes:

  • Number 3: Red wine Red wine is a rich source of antioxidants called the resveratrol. Resveratrol works by targeting the cancer cell's energy source from within and crippling it. When combine with radiation, resveratrol enhances the effects of radiation chemotherapy cancer treatments. Researcher Paul Okunieff, MD, chief of radiation oncology at the University of Rochester Medical Center has already indicated that resveratrol has a promising future as part of treating cancer.
  • Number 2: Green Tea: Green tea since ancient times has already been used for its medicinal benefits treating everything from headaches to depression. Green tea also lowers cholesterol levels as well improving the ratio between bad and good cholesterol. The secret of Green tea lies in its richness of catechin polyphenols particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG is a very powerful antioxidant that inhibits growth of cancer cells and also killing cancer cells without harming healthy issues. As much as these two antioxidant really bring a lot of benefits in fighting free radicals. According to researchers at Cornell University one food tops them all and it is cocoa. Cocoa according to the study has already 2 times stronger than red wine, 2-3 times more stronger than green tea and 4 to 5 times more stronger than black tea.
  • Number 1: Cacao: Cacao has been raised to another level, by making it a raw organic superfood. By making it a raw organic superfood Fruity Cacao which comes from whole raw chocolate beans it now has 14 times more antioxidants than red wine and 21 times more than green tea. It is that simple Fruity Cacao tops the list and has more antioxidant power so far. No one could have imagine that cocoa, chocolate could be so beneficial but it is happening now. Raw organic superfood Fruity Cacao is making it happen.

So, now that we have concluded our talk about antioxidants. Now we know what's the top three. It is time to get healthy and start getting rid of those free radicals in our body. Have a healthy life. -By: Paul S Fitzgerald Get Your Free Ebook, 14 Superfood Secrets Unleashed. Learn about the greatest selection of Superfoods on The Planet. Please visit our site at Superfood living and learn about Raw Chocolate Cocao, Marine Phytoplankton, Noni, Goji Berries, Maca, Sacred Chocolate, and more

The Next Superfoods to Eat

Brazil Despolpando Acai Berry PulpNew superfoods are always popping up and getting plenty of media attention. As of late, the Pomegranate was in focus, then came along Goji berries and now acclaimed Acai berry. What is a superfood? By definition, a superfood is a term to describe any food that has “remarkable” health properties. Make way for the new wave of superfoods which will soon be found in our beverages, yogurts, ice creams, etc. Here are the newest superfoods making an appearance in a grocery store near you!

Muscadine grapes

While they look like typical purple grapes, Muscadine grapes are a little larger and thicker and pack more nutrition than your standard grape. One particular benefit comes from the powerful antioxidant, Resveratrol (also found in red wine). Resveratrol has been linked to lowering blood-sugar levels, contains strong anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties (lowering cholesterol and preventing heart disease). Currently, these berries are hard to come by so I take the Resveratrol supplement on a daily basis.

Maqui Berry

I am a huge Food Network fan and I had heard Rachel Ray briefly mention this berry on her cooking show. This sparked me to look into this berry further. Maqui berry is the highest ranked food on the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity scale (ORAC). This test measures the antioxidant potency of foods. Just to put things into perspective: Blueberry juice has an ORAC score of 3,000 and Macqui juice has an ORAC score of 40,000! Due to the high antioxidants in this berry, it is believed to rid the body in toxins and possibly help with weight control. Macqui berry has been used in traditional medicine to help symptoms of sore throat, diarrhea and treat ulcers.


Acerola is also known as Amazon or Barbados cherries. I’ve seen Acerola really making headway in grocery stores already. This fruit contains 40 times more vitamin C than an orange and in a test comparing it’s antioxidants to 11 other fruits, the acerola came out on top. In July 2008, Absolut Vodka came out with a limited-edition vodka containing acerola mixed with blueberries, acai and pomegranate. You’ll likely encounter this berry in desserts and preserves.

Baobob Fruit

Grown in Australia, Africa or Madagascar, this superfood seems to have it all: Iron, Vitamin C, Calcium, (2x the amount found in milk), protein in it’s seeds, phosphorus for bones, fiber and a slew of electrolytes. This fruit was just recently approved for export and has recently been used in drinks, yogurt, as well as a thickener for soups.

-By: Sharon Porter

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The Most Healthy Advantages of Acai Berries

Acai Berry one of the strongest Superfoods for Antioxidants

Acai Palm Trees in Brazil - Acai is high on AntioxidantsAcai superfood is very healthy food for the body and recognized to be very beneficial as compared to other health products, too. Acai is exported from the dense woods of Amazon, where it grows. Acai can be recognized from its deep purple color and is a super food due to its anti-oxidant content. Anti-oxidant is a substance that removes harmful oxidant substance from the body. So, you can intake Acai berry superfood as anti-aging supplements too. Now let’s discuss in detail the various vantages of taking Acai berry.

Acai Superfood benefits for Healthy Heart

Acai superfood is a super booster for providing energy to your body. Moreover, it also boosts your heart power through its healthy components. Anthocyanin, an anti-oxidant is mainly responsible for this beneficial property present in Acai berry superfood. It has been estimated that Acai berry contains around 30 times of more anthocyanins than the healthy red wine.

Anti-Cholesterol property of Acai Superfood

Essential fatty acids, along with protein and fibers are some of the healthy nutrients present richly inside Acai superfood. The protein helps to build your body muscles, fiber helps in healthy digestion, while essential fatty acids helps reduce the cholesterol level inside your body. Once the cholesterol is reduced inside your body through Omega group of essential fatty acids, it proves as boon for your body health and cardiovascular system.

Reduce Aging Through Acai Superfood

Acai superfood helps reduce body wear and tear and hence can be used as an anti-ageing therapy. The anti-oxidants present inside Acai helps reduce our body ageing. This way it slows down the aging process. The vitamin and minerals present in Acai helps body to grow strong and immunity to increase. It also has the components that are found inside Olive oil to enhance body beauty by anti-ageing process.

Prevent Cancer through Acai Berry Superfood

You can prevent cancer with Acai, as it fights the carcinogenic substance inside the body. These are the cancer causing cells or substance that get destroyed with anti-oxidant property of Acai berry superfood. Leading scientists have proven that Acai has more that three-fourth chance to destroy malignant cells causing Leukemia. This study shows the effectiveness of Acai berry against cancer.

You can also used Acai berry in your daily diet also. This will help you to prevent many small and big health complications. It is very beneficial provided that it takes care of a large range of health complications. As this is available as a natural medicine, you can take it even if you are healthy and don’t need to stress on its over-effects. So, what are you waiting for? Just try it and prevent all your health complications in your life.

By: Paul T Curtis

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