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Koh Phangan Organic Shop

OrganiX – New Organic Shop in Koh Phangan

On June 16th 2012 the doors of the new organic shop in Ban Tai will open for the public. At noon the shop will be open and a huge opening party is planned for the evening. The program starts with the live band Asto Na Pai, the well konwn gypsy music band, followed by Dj Graham Gold and Dj PhB aka Pure Human Beat!

Organic Shop Koh Phangan ThailandThe organic shop offers mainly food supplements like Spirulina, Organic Turmeric, Stevia, Cissus, Thai Black Ginger, and many other incredible herbs and superfoods. The shop also offers two kinds of slow juicers, the Oscar and the Versaaper, the two different models of slow juicers are basically doing the same; they leave your juice alive! The juice coming from a slow juicer is far more nutritious than when it is centrifugalized in a common juicer, where a large part of the nutrients gets damaged and washed out. A slow juicer crushes and squeezes the juice out of the fruits and vegetables rather than spinning it out.

The shop also sells refreshing and super healthy drinks like Kambucha and the special fizzy Kambucha Breeze. Another super refreshing drink is Coconut Kefir! You gotta try this! It’s very very good for your digestive system and it tastes superb! Talking about digestive system; the 3 – 7 days all organic Detox Packs are another product you can find at Organix in Koh Phangan now. The do it yourself Detox Packs have been developed by Thai Organics in Koh Samui where they quickly became one of the best selling products! The same detox packs are now available in the new Organic shop in Koh Phangan.

EM Pro Biodegradable CleaningOrganiX Koh Phangan is also the sole distributer of EM-Pro products, a biodegradable product line from hair shampoo to industrial cleaners suitable for hotels and resorts who want to go green and stop polluting their own environment with chemicals which end up in the sea sooner or later. More and more hotel owners are becoming aware of the many problems caused by chemicals used in laundry machines, toilets, in the kitchen and for room cleaning. Tourists won’t come anymore once the environment is polluted, the corals are dead and the fish are gone! It’s time to go green and make a change to the better!

OrganiX is located in Ban Tai, directly on the main road after Moulin Rouge, coming from Thongsala.