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Posts Tagged ‘Organic food’

Organic Vegetables in Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan - Thongsala map to organic shopKoh Phangan has a local organic vegetable shop in Thongsala, where you can get fresh fruits and veggies all week long. Now the shop is in danger to close because there seems not to be enough demand on healthy foods from the people living on the island!! Even though; organic fruits and vegetables are available at Organic Koh Phangan for the same price or less, as the pesticide covered veggies from large supermarket chains! Please help to support the Organic Koh Phangan shop!! Don’t let it close down! Eat well, live well and stay healthy. Don’t feed your children with unwanted chemicals and fertilizers if you have the choice to avoid it! There is still the old saying: “You are what you eat, eat well!” Our food is what makes our body and fuels our brain! We should always try to support all shop owners who make the effort to provide us with healthy food, anywhere in the world. And even if it is sometimes a bit more expensive, than supermarket foods, it’s worth it, anytime! I wouldn’t be here talking about it, if that wasn’t the truth and everybody who knows me, and knows my story can vouch for that! More Information on the Organic Koh Phangan Shop can be found on this link.

Organic Foods and Longevity!

Organic Foods can Seriously Prolong Your Life!

Organic Broccoli is excellent everyday superfood

Picture by Darya Pino

Well, it took a while, but I'm finally got the message! I remember the first time I really "got it" in regards of organic foods and their enormous benefits they would have to my health. I was standing in a supermarket which sold primarily organic food products called Whole Foods market.

I just came from a long run, craving for food and was just looking for something healthy to eat so I wouldn't ruin the effort right away. I walked through the produce section and was in awe at the amazing beauty of the fruits and vegetables as the misty filtered water sprayed them as if in slow motion. The purple, green, and red kale in particular were as alive as if they had not yet been picked. In fact green leafy vegetables are indeed breathing living organic substances.

Fresh organic fruits and vegetables are packed with chlorophyll that is nearly identical to human blood. This is why green leafy vegetables are perhaps the greatest single food on the face of the earth. Introducing organic foods into your diet just may be the answer you are looking for that no one will tell you about. No one meaning the people you currently seek out for advice on your health.

Unless you are going to a professional well trained nutritionist or wellness professional who has dedicated his or her life to the prevention of sickness and the healing of mankind, the chances of you getting an empathetic response in regards to your own health is diminished right from the start. Organic foods are certified to be free of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

These vegetables and fruits are grown with love and respect versing greed and disrespect for human life on the other side. Organic foods in essence are as close to your natural make up as you can get. They are richer in nutrients and minerals. Vegetables are richer in chlorophyll and enzymes. Fruits are richer in antioxidants, amino acids and flavonoids. Both are rich on organic fiber which you need for the digestion of the food to avoid sicknesses like colon cancer, one of the most popular cancers in the western civilization.

Organic grains are not polluted with chemicals sprayed on them just so they don't fall down from having so many pesticides sprayed on them. Do you think by ingesting some of this clean pure food your chances of living longer are greater? I say yes, and back it up with my own experiences of feeling vibrant health ever since I've introduced organic foods into my diet. Not only have all my health related stats come into normal areas but I went from not being able to walk up a flight of stairs to training for an Ironman triathlon. Read the rest of this entry »