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Posts Tagged ‘Medical Negligence’

Death by Doctor!

Medical Negligence – Third Highest Cause of Death

According to the Journal of the American Association, death by medical treatment is the third highest cause of death in the United States! The United States Department of Health and Human Services declared that 15,000 medic-care patients die EVERY MONTH in the US by medical treatment! Every Month! Upon these number you wanna ask yourself why nobody seems to care about this fact, why the world is not screaming out loud? Why are you still going to a doctor if you know that doing so might be more hazardous to your health than getting a stroke or diabetes? Watch this video and you will understand a lot better what’s going on in the medical world. I personally find it intriguing, how Peter Glidden uses the exact same example that I used to give to people I am talking to about superfoods and healthy living.

If you own a good car, for example a Ferrari, you wouldn’t go and fill diesel oil in the tank, just because it is cheaper; would you? So why are you doing it to your body. If your car breaks down you can go and get a new one, but you will not be able to replace your body, once you ruined it!

Only YOU can Heal Yourself!

You are what you eat and it is even more important to eat and live healthy today than it ever was. Our environment becomes all ore aggressive toward our body, the air we breathe is polluted, the water we drink is poisoned with all kind of chemicals such as florid, which is a nerve poison. The food we eat is over fatted and enriched with large amounts of iodine and other chemicals and poisons. We need our body to be strong to survive and reproduce in this harmful world. Eat well and feel well. As I mentioned in my earlier article, we never had the chance to live as healthy as we can do today. Despite all the environmental factors, we can still get organic and healthy superfoods on our dinner table everyday. It’s your choice! As more people start to live healthy as bigger demand gets and as more farmers will be willing to go green again and produce organic and healthy foods. Once you stat living healthy, you simply won’t need to visit doctor death anymore and you won’t need to support the pharmaceutical industry any longer either as they are not far behind in the charts of causing death.

Something that indicates the effect of this death by doctor syndrome very clearly are the search numbers in the internet for phrases like medical negligence lawyers, 74,000 searches per month, medical negligence attorneys, 60,500 searches per month and medical attorney with 135,000 searches per month on Google. Well, this said; watch the video and you’ll understand why we still believe in medical doctors and think of them as gods in white.