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Green Superfoods Like Wheatgrass, Barley Grass, Spirulina and Chlorella – 5 More Reasons to Eat

Processed food is really bad for you. Real food is good. Superfoods are really good.

Last time, I gave 5 reasons to start eating Superfoods in your daily diet. Superfoods are known for their nutrient density, antioxidant capabilites, and anti-cancer and -disease properties.

Here are 5 More Reasons (of the many) to integrate Green Superfoods into your daily diet:

6. Supports healthy digestion. Green superfoods are packed with Chlorophyll, which is what makes green plants green. This substance helps aid the body in proper digestion by gently stimulating the walls of your intestinal tract. This helps your body eliminate toxins and waste in a timely and efficient manner. Also, compounds in green superfoods help feed the friendly bacteria in your intestines, promoting a healthy environment and superior nutrient absorption from other foods.

7. Helps with food cravings. When you consume a super-rich portion of green foods that are high in nutrients and low in calories, you’re feeding your body without stuffing yourself. Your body’s cravings for more food temporarily goes down, since it’s getting the nutrients it desires.

8. Gives you energy. Wheatgrass shots have become really popular for mainly one reason: energy. Green superfoods are nature’s energy boosters. They have a wide array of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that all work together to bring fresh living energy into your system. Simply put: Living foods help you live better, and give you more energy.

9. Helps your immune system fend off intruders. People have always hate getting colds. Many people have noticed, since the 1930s till now, that when they consume wheatgrass, in the form of a tablet or powder, their immune system’s resistance to cold and flu becomes stronger. This is one of the main reasons why green superfoods like wheatgrass have remained so popular over the decades.

10. Better nutrition than a mega-vitamin. Low cost mega-vitamins are made with synthetic isolated nutrients created in labs. They’re also packed with fillers, emulsifiers and stabilizers. Doesn’t sound like food to me! Green superfoods are complex God-created compounds that supply your body with vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids, plant pigments, enzymes and friendly bacteria that all work together to feed your body the nutrients it desires. In short, the “whole” factor in “whole food” is far better than the sum of all the parts individually.

Shopping Tips: When choosing a Green Superfood powder to consume daily, I definitely recommend that it has the following characteristics:

-A variety of chlorophyll-rich green superfoods, including grasses, algae, land greens

-Rich, emerald green color – signifies nutrient density

-Super-concentrated grasses and grass juices – Look for triple concentrated. This gives you more nutritional bang per buck

-At least 6,000mg of Greens per serving, preferably 7,000mg. The majoriy of each serving should be Greens.

-No low cost fillers (like soy lecithin), and no artificial flavorings, colors, or additives,

-It must mix well with water or juice, and you must enjoy the taste. If you have to force it down, it’s not worth it.

-Money Back Guarantee. A reputable brand will back up their product.

Consuming a Green Superfood Powder Supplement every day is the perfectly convenient way to achieve your daily fruits/veggies servings, and to boost your energy, immunity, and long term vitality!

-By: Aaron Hughes

Aaron Hughes is a whole foods nutrition researcher, and is the founder/president of Harvest Nutrition LLC. Find the best Green Superfoods and other nutritional resources from Harvest Nutrition.

After battling debilitating fatigue and illness a few years ago, he started to eat a more traditional diet, rich in nutrients that are lacking in modern processed foods. Through simple lifestyle and dietary changes he regained his health, and now is on a mission to inspire lasting change in people’s lives through better nutrition.