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Organic Foods and Longevity!

Organic Foods can Seriously Prolong Your Life!

Organic Broccoli is excellent everyday superfood

Picture by Darya Pino

Well, it took a while, but I'm finally got the message! I remember the first time I really "got it" in regards of organic foods and their enormous benefits they would have to my health. I was standing in a supermarket which sold primarily organic food products called Whole Foods market.

I just came from a long run, craving for food and was just looking for something healthy to eat so I wouldn't ruin the effort right away. I walked through the produce section and was in awe at the amazing beauty of the and vegetables as the misty filtered water sprayed them as if in slow motion. The purple, green, and red kale in particular were as alive as if they had not yet been picked. In fact are indeed breathing living organic substances.

Fresh organic fruits and vegetables are packed with chlorophyll that is nearly identical to human blood. This is why green leafy vegetables are perhaps the greatest single food on the face of the earth. Introducing organic foods into your diet just may be the answer you are looking for that no one will tell you about. No one meaning the people you currently seek out for advice on your health.

Unless you are going to a professional well trained nutritionist or wellness professional who has dedicated his or her life to the prevention of sickness and the healing of mankind, the chances of you getting an empathetic response in regards to your own health is diminished right from the start. Organic foods are certified to be free of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

These vegetables and fruits are grown with love and respect versing greed and disrespect for human life on the other side. Organic foods in essence are as close to your natural make up as you can get. They are richer in nutrients and minerals. Vegetables are richer in chlorophyll and enzymes. Fruits are richer in antioxidants, amino acids and flavonoids. Both are rich on organic fiber which you need for the digestion of the food to avoid sicknesses like colon cancer, one of the most popular cancers in the western civilization.

Organic grains are not polluted with chemicals sprayed on them just so they don't fall down from having so many pesticides sprayed on them. Do you think by ingesting some of this clean pure food your chances of living longer are greater? I say yes, and back it up with my own experiences of feeling vibrant health ever since I've introduced organic foods into my diet. Not only have all my health related stats come into normal areas but I went from not being able to walk up a flight of stairs to training for an Ironman triathlon.

So many people take advantage of their health not realizing that they are one cream filled donut away from toxicity and heart failure. By introducing organic foods into your diet you will feel the difference almost immediately!  help your body eliminate the toxins found in non-organic foods. These toxins are really hard on the immune system including your lymphatic system, your blood, your liver, your gall bladder and your entire cardiovascular system. If you are not cleansing you are at further risk of toxic build up in the form of bloated fat cells which is where your body will tend to safely store toxic overload.

Any longevity diet must consider the implementation of organic foods. I personally believe people can live to up to 150 years old. Especially if you are less than 50 years old and you begin to reverse the toxic overload and you further educate yourself in regards to organic , cleansing and proper exercise, you certainly will be ahead of most on the longevity train of this thing called life. You can take this to any level you want.

Level A – Xtreme Health(TM) Follow all the suggestions in this article over the course of the next several months.

Level B – Much better than most people Eat more organic fruits and vegetables, exercise daily, believe you can in fact live a long life and feel vibrant and strong even as you age to over 100.

Level C – A step above what you're doing now Stop taking in the bad foods. At least one day a week eat organic meals and celebrate the great foods that the earth has given to us.

By: Will Byron

Will Byron Nutrition Coach, MBA, MCSD, CPA, Triathlete, IT ConsultantWill Power Byron is the CEO of and and has had a passion for health and wellness for over 25 years A roller coaster life of addictions and success led him to numerous jobs since age 10 including a US Marine, a MSFT Programmer and a CPA. He has competed in hundreds of races from the collegiate through master's level including marathons, triathlons, cross country, and track and field. A degree in Computer Information systems and a Masters in Business led him to many entrepreneurial activities through the years including multiple franchise owner, real estate, and options trading.

Will Byron is currently a Certified Sports Nutrition Coach and trains for Ironman Triathlon's as a semi-vegetarian utilizing primarily organic superfoods. His current ventures include building/publishing health and wellness websites, writing articles and writing his 2nd book "Organic Awakening". His mission is to help people live longer through his websites, articles, and books and to help shed One Billion pounds from the waistline of America.

Picture by Darya Pino

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