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Are Nutritional Supplements Really Necessary?

According to the American National Center for Health Statistics, less than one tenth of people eat enough healthy food to achieve the minimum amount needed to remain healthy.

This means the vast majority of people cannot sustain their health on what they eat, because their diet lacks the essential nutrients that keep them alive.

Are you one of the 90%?

If you lack the essential nutrients to keep you alive, not only are you cutting short your life expectancy, you’re also ensuring you’re in for a rough time, health wise. Even the lack of one nutrient can wreck havoc on your health. Imagine what damage is done when multiple nutrients are lacking.

Without doubt, the best diet to adhere to, to ensure you experience wonderful health all your life, is an abundance of fruit and vegetables in your diet. Preferably raw. Preferably organically grown.

And cutting out all processed food and all dairy.

And limiting your meat intake to perhaps once a week.

But let’s get real. Are you going to implement one of those changes, let alone all of them?

Not only is your lifestyle probably too hectic to bring about some real and lasting changes, you’d also be standing out from your friends and family like a sore thumb.

Not everyone can handle that. In fact most can’t. Most people want to blend in with everyone else.

So what’s the alternative?

This is where nutritional come in. Even though good nutritional can’t undo the harm done to your system by eating badly, it can provide you with most of the nutrients that are essential to good health.

But, as with everything in life, nutritional supplements can vary in quality from good to bad and anywhere in between, depending on the company, the source, the processing and the packaging and distribution.

Most nutritional supplements sold today are actually created in a laboratory. To my way of thinking, we didn’t evolve to process laboratory chemicals. We evolved to get all our nutrients from food. So the best source of any good supplement should be a food, preferably a .

Luckily there are a few superfoods about. The one which contains the highest amount of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients is the blue green algae, also known as .

Most algae is grown in special concrete ponds in the ocean. But some is also grown in fresh water. And some isn’t grown at all, not by humans. It grows all by itself, fed by mineral rich mountain streams, where man hasn’t yet spread his pollution.

Many nutritional supplements start off from a natural, superfood source, but then lose many nutrients by using high temperatures to dry it.

Yet others have found ways of drying it, without losing these precious nutrients.

So rather than listen to the cosy sounding advertising with attractive pictures of healthy looking people, do a bit of research based on the above. This will ensure you don’t waste your money on supplements which are little more than expensive poo…

-By: Rosemary Wright

Rosemary Wright is passionate about natural health. Why? Because you can cure so much with just knowing a bit about the best diet, the healthiest supplements and the enormous benefits from relaxing and/or meditating regularly. You don’t need to know much. And you don’t need to do much.
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